Post 606 Laptop Blues

I’ve been having problems with my Toshiba Laptop for a few months now and things have been getting worse. My screen shuts down in the middle of a task, or the laptop freezes at odd times and sometimes it starts back up and other times I have to shut it down and re-boot. Another problem I’m having is with the sound. At first it only happened when I started the program, but as time went by, the sound became garbled and intermittent throughout the entire time the program was running. Yet another is that I can’t restore my computer to previous times when it was working OK.

I decided to back up my data and take it in to Staples as I still have one week left on my warranty, so I might as well use it. I took it in on Thursday afternoon and they stated that it might be hard drive related, and that they would have to run some tests to be sure. I got a call late Friday afternoon, and they said they could not find nothing wrong with the hard drive and said that the problem was software related and that I needed to re-install my (WindowsXP Media Edition) operating system to solve the problem.

Before re-installing my programs and data, I decided disable or uninstall my current antivirus software and run a new anti-virus /spyware called Bitdefender (free Version). To my surprise, it found Trojans that AVG and ZoneAlarm had missed. I scanned all my programs and data including my external hard drives and deleted any program or document that was questionable. It even found a Trojan program that was cleverly disguised to look like a simple .txt document that I had downloaded and stored in my Document files years ago. Even though my system was now clean, or cleaner, I decided to do a clean install as there were still problems. By Sunday Feb 21, I had re-installed Windows XP Media Edition as well as most of my basic software programs. In the process, I also had a couple of other little problems, but after some searching on the internet I managed to solve them. Now my laptop is running smoothly again.

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