Post 607 Manifesting my desires

Feb 21 9:10 am As I was having my second cup of coffee this morning, my thoughts drifted to manifesting. As I was in my semi-meditative state of awareness, I got the message that in order to manifest what I desire, I need to recover my lost essence, the parts of me that are able to do it but that I have lost (denied) along the way. What I presently have with me in this Earth journey are the parts of me that remember being able to manifest. In this moment, I vaguely remember experiencing manifesting what I desire, but I have no clue as to how to do it now, otherwise I would be doing it and not just thinking about how to do it. A conundrum to say the least, but one that I intend to solve.

I have a friend who years ago, while at work, manifested a cup of hot coffee in a take-out cup. When I asked her how she did it she said she didn't know, that it just happened. It was a onetime deal and she wasn't able to do it again. I felt that she had help to show her what power she really had, if she wants to heal and release it.


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