Post 609 Pixilated fonts in Windows XP

In the process of re-installing my Windows XP and my various programs on my laptop, and setting up my background and screen savers and such, I noticed this morning that my fonts were pixilated and hard to read. I tried several things including restoring my computer to an earlier restore point to see if it was that program that created the problem. That was when I found out that no matter how far I went back, I couldn't restore my computer. I was ready to re-install Windows XP again when I happened upon a website that triggered a memory of a quirky flaw in windows XP that had to do with fonts. If your text looks pixilated and rough around the edges, especially with letters like W,R,Y,O,S,G,J,X,V,M where there are diagonal or curved lines. This is particularly noticeable when you zoom in or enlarge a font by 150% or more. If you have this problem, then here is the trick to get them looking smooth.

Click on START and then click on >>>>CONTROL PANEL and then >>>> APPEARANCE and then >>>>THEMES and DISPLAY.

Or right click on a clear spot on your desktop and click on PROPERTIES that will prompt the DISPLAY PROPERTIES window to pop up.

Once you have the DISPLAY PROPERTIES window open… click on APPEARANCE. and then near the bottom right hand side.. click on EFFECTS. Now in the EFFECTS window, look at the second line from the top and you will see the words. "use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:" If there is no check mark in the little square box on the left, click on the little box to put a check mark in it.

If the box is checked and you see the words, CLEAR TYPE, then you are already in the smooth mode. If you see the word STANDARD, then click on the drop down menu arrow to the right and change it to CLEAR TYPE. When finished, click OK. and that's it.

PS: If you are going to make any changes to your themes, background or screensaver, do so before doing this function as changing them will also change this setting.


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