Post 611 Body in opposition to itself

2010 Feb 24 4:45 a.m. I've been feeling tired for the last couple of weeks and have been sleeping in, sometimes 8:45 a.m.. I thought back to how I felt the same when I had an issue with Hypothyroidism. Post 219 My issues are in my Tissues. I've had a craving for cabbage, and I even bought a head a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't eaten any of it as I know that it was associated with causing my Hypothyroidism. I decided to check the Internet for foods that can help me overcome this condition and while I didn't find a list of foods, that help prevent Hypothyroidism, other than Brazil nuts that contain selenium, I did find an extended list of foods, besides cabbage, that aggravate Hypothyroidism. The other foods are broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and peanuts. And guess what? These are the very foods that I've also been craving and eating a lot of recently.

It's like my body craves what is bad for it, go figure! Hummm! Is just like a love starved person craving love and acceptance, that will do anything, just to feel they are loved, even if they are mentally, emotionally and physically abused. They are attracted to what is harmful, like a moth to a flame, unaware that they are abusing and hurting themselves. So what is my body telling me? What am I missing

7:15 a.m. Of course this is all reversed, just like the other things in our life. If we desire to be carefree and in control of our lives, the underlying issue that we don't want to feel and deal with is that of being confined, limited and not in control. If we have a desire for companionship, to be with others, our real issue is that we don't want to be alone and all the feelings that go with that. Wanting to exercise and be fit, lose weight or whatever judgment we have that we feel we need to make us feel good has underlying issues that are opposite. The irony is that we don't solve or heal our issues by doing what we think makes us happy, but by doing the opposite and by going into what makes us unhappy.

In the same way, we don't heal or do our Body any good by doing what we think is good for it and makes it feel good; we need to find the underlying cause of why it desires what it does. Instead of giving our body what it thinks it wants and needs, we need to look at and give it the opposite, and at the same time find the underlying cause of what it is trying to avoid or deny….. Hummm? That means finding the organ, tissue, muscles and bones etc. that are holding repressed emotions that the body and mind don't want to feel. Once found, these emotions need to be accepted and released and then the negative denial energy that is being stored in the body can be released.

7:41 a.m. I need to look for the opposite or why it craves that specific food, and also find the hidden denials that are covering up the real issues. I also need to find out what chemicals are in the food and what organs they stimulate or repress. Eating a particular food is not the problem, but a constant diet of those foods is, as in that there is no balance. It sounds easy, but this is going to be tough.

9:45 a.m. this issue is complicated as what is also involved is our bodies desire for what it needs to maintain health and life. Body needs water, but the body doesn't need coffee, tea, beer, wine, carbonated beverages, or shooters etc.. The body needs food, but the body doesn't need any particular food or brand name, nor does it need a particular amount of food to satisfy its needs. Habits are to the body, what judgments are to the mind is a quote that I remember reading in right use of will.


NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .

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