Post 614 More Computer Woes

2010 Mar 07 Since I re-installed Windows and all my software, my Laptop was working OK, but then suddenly, in the last few days it began to act up on startup. Yesterday morning it froze during startup and nothing I did would fix the problem. Luckily I had done a back up of all my documents, so I didn’t lose anything.

I took the laptop to Staples, thinking it was linked to the other intermittent problem I had, but the tech said that no, that because I could still “boot up” in Windows “safe” mode, that meant it was a software issue. I took my laptop home and tried a few more things before finally accepting the fact that I would have to do another complete re-install.

After re-installing Windows, I installed my browsers, (Opera and Firefox) and then my “Bitdefender” and “ZoneAlarm” internet security programs. It was during the updating of ZoneAlarm that my computer froze up again; I was puzzled. I got it working again, but then as I was installing my other programs I began having the same issue on startup, every time the computer had to be re-booted. I then realized that these two antivirus/firewall programs were at the root of my problem and although I had disabled the appropriate functions so that they would not be in a conflict mode, something was not computing.

The reason I have both programs is that I like ZoneAlarm’s firewall as I also have control over what goes out from my computer, and I like Bitdefender, as it provides better antivirus and spyware protection. I decided to remove them both and start over. I re-installed ZoneAlarm first and let it run its updates. I then disabled ZoneAlarm’s Antivirus and Spyware programs and I also turned “off” the automatic scans and then shut ZoneAlarm down. I then installed Bitdefender, and after it did its update thing, I disabled its firewall, leaving only its antivirus and spyware program and other non-conflicting programs running. I then turned ZoneAlarm back on with only the firewall running. I held my breath as I installed other programs and when prompted, I re-booted my laptop and voila! Harmony, no conflict, works like a charm.

What I think happened before was that while I had shut off the antivirus and spyware programs in ZoneAlarm, I never shut off the automatic scans, and when it began its scan in the middle of the night, it ran into conflict with Bitdefender who was monitoring the system. Then, when I went to boot up the computer in the morning, it was already bogged down with the two antivirus software fighting each other and was now also saddled with trying to open all the apps on start up. Unable to deal with all the demands placed on it, it froze up and ceased to function. And then each time I tried to re-boot, ZoneAlarm and Bitdefender were still trying to finish their jobs and so the problem just escalated. I sure hope that puts an end to my computer issues…

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