Post 615 New External Hard Drive.

With all the problems I’ve been having recently with my laptop, and now my Acer Netbook is also having the odd hiccup, I want to make sure I have all my stuff backed up. I’ve been using my Toshiba external hard drive but I didn’t have enough memory left to back up my Windows 7 software from my Acer Netbook, so I decided to buy another as a back-up. Staples had a Western Digital 250 GB portable, external hard drive on sale for $69.00. It also came with a backup Smart Drive in it and at first it seemed like a good idea, but after using it for a few days, I thought and felt otherwise. The problem was that I had no real control over it. I couldn’t turn it off, without unplugging it. I got that problem fixed with a software and firmware download update, but even then, it ran when it wanted to, and it definitely slowed my computer down. After a week, I finally decided that I had had enough and took it back to Staples. I then got a Seagate 500GB external hard drive for $15.00 more. It doesn’t have any backup software, just plain old storage, and so now I have copies and backups, and double of most.

PS: March 22 I almost failed to mention that the biggest peeve I had, and what put the nail in the coffin for Western Digital was that I couldn’t find a specific document on the external hard drive. While my specific file would be 4 folders deep, ie,
(1) My documents
(2) My blog and other posts
(3) Opera blog and images
(4) Opera Blog Posts 577 – Present.doc.

However, the external hard drive software added several more folders, and then to add to the confusion, there may be only one document in the end folder when there should be dozens. Searching the other folders also proved futile, and they also contained only a few documents, so I don’t know where the others are. That glitch meant that I couldn’t recover a specific document, and that in order to recover the backed-up document, I would have to do a complete system restore, which to me, is a complete waste of time.

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