Post 616 Apple Cleanse

March 21 Sunday I found some good Delicious apples and on Thursday night I began my Edgar Cayce Apple cleanse that I had put on hold (Post 592) a few weeks back. On Friday afternoon I began having a headache and it lasted until about 8:00 pm on Saturday night. That was a different experience as I’ve never had a headache last that long during a cleanse. On Saturday, and even today, I’ve been tempted to give up the diet and just get some food, especially junk food, like chips and Mars Bar, but I’ve stuck it out and haven’t caved in. I’ve only one more apple to eat tonight before I have breakfast on Monday morning. I've been feeling good and energized today, but still can't wait until I can dig into some REAL food. 🙂

PS: I almost forgot, On March 15, the Therapist gave Marian permission to drive her car short distances. Yahoo! I'm no longer a taxi driver and I have my life back.

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