Post 617 Taking care of my Body

Last year, just before Xmass, I went to see my doctor regarding what I thought was a kidney infection, Post 574 Upon examination, she thought I had a muscular/skeletal issue and not a kidney issue, and that diagnosis was confirmed about a month ago when the ultra sounds showed no real kidney problems.. While she confirmed what was NOT the problem, she failed to suggest or offer any form of treatment for the real problem, that being the muscular/skeletal issue that she had previously diagnosed.

Since the doctor was of no help, and since I still had sporadic back/kidney and neck aches, I decided that I needed to solve this problem myself. I made a curved ) shaped form out of some firm, but flexible sponge material that I had from my printer box that I placed under my back, and it reached all the way from my tail bone to almost my shoulder blades. I used it in the morning before I got out of bed, at night before I went to sleep, and anytime I was hurting and while it gave me some relief, it never lasted. Yesterday, when I felt like I had been hit by a bus as I was hurting all over, I decided I needed some real help and I made an appointment with a Chiropractor

This morning I felt good and I even did my exercises, so go figure. I went for my appointment at 11:00 am and after an examination, and a couple of back crunches, he told me that I had a vertebra in my lower back that was slightly out of alignment, and another in my upper back that was causing the issues with my neck. He recommended another 4 – 5 treatments during the next couple of weeks and that I should be OK after that. I felt a little sore when I left, but a few minutes later, it was if a load had been lifted off me and I felt energized and alive. It was like my body was thanking me for taking care of it.


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