Post 618 Will and Lost Will

As I mentioned in my post on the battle of the sexes, the real healing that needs to take place is in ending this inner battle between Spirit [mind, thought, intellect, ideas and reason] and Soul [Will, feelings, emotions, and knowing].

Part of the Will’s knowing that is the least understood and accepted are its psychic abilities, or what is commonly referred to as ESP. Empathy, intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, precognition, telekinesis, psychometry, etc. are all qualities attributed to the Will. And while all of these qualities are unique and important, by far the most important attribute of the Will is its ability to “feel” and differentiate between what is loving and what is not loving. Not by words or deeds, which is how the Mind (Spirit) defines love, but by a feeling that is beyond words or even the need for words. The feeling of Love is Heartfelt and in the moment of the experience, and unlovingness is felt in a similar manner. This is the Will, the true Will, its true power, and it is these qualities and abilities that have been suppressed, denied and subsequently lost. It is this Lost Will that needs to be found and healed, and that can only happen if the Mind is willing to allow its Will unconditional expression in the moment it is felt, and not the pretense of acceptance and the conditional and limited expression that the Will has been forced to accept.

Lost Will occurs whenever we have a traumatic experience and fragmentation occurs, where the Mind is confused and in doubt, and makes survival type judgments and denies the Wills expression. How this occurs is another topic, but what is important to realize is that what was denied, became lost and placed outside ourselves, and it is this lost Will that needs to be found and healed in order to empower ourselves and return our personal lost Will to wholeness, and become co-equal partners with the Mind (Spirit).

A common misconception is that expressing ones feelings and emotions when activated (triggered into a fight, run or give up mode) is expressing your lost Will’s feelings and emotions and is healing your lost Will. That is not, repeat NOT, your Will that you are expressing when you are already activated, as that means that you have already gapped and so any feelings and emotions that you are expressing are false feelings and emotions that are aligned and supported by the beliefs and judgments of your gapped Mind. However, being activated is an opportunity to reclaim your lost Will, if, instead of the Mind gapping in denied anger or RAGE, you allow your Mind to go into the gap (with Heart Presence) in the moment that you realize that you are being activated. That is when and where you will find your Lost Will, and it is then that you can allow your lost Will the opportunity to express itself with unconditional love, and not the false feelings and emotions or the denied anger or Rage that you would have been expressing had you gapped.

Empowering yourself is all about recovering your personal lost Will, and especially in freeing and healing the lost parts of your Will that can differentiate between what is loving and what is not. Without this part of your Will being free and actively involved in your journey and experiences, nothing changes and you are not only doomed to repeat your mistakes and unpleasant experiences, but to continue your downward spiral to oblivion. We, as society, are now at the mid-point, the dawn of a new age, and if we continue denying our Will as we have been doing, we are putting ourselves on the path of self-destruction. Of course, many will continue to do as they have been doing, as it is their nature or their choice.

"When you find yourself, you no longer feel lost and alone…" JR


2 thoughts on “Post 618 Will and Lost Will

  1. Good Post John. This is something that I am aware of my mind, but I still can not get the desired result at the level of feelings.

  2. Trust is a big issue, trusting yourself, your Will in the moment that you feel it as it is nearly always in opposition to what the Mind thinks is the truth. The Mind goes by what it has been taught, whereas the Will (intuition, feelings and knowing) have no such reference point, it just is what it is in that moment. It is a big leap of faith for the Mind to trust this unknown input from the Will enough to express what it is feeling and knowing. Most of the time, the Mind suppresses and denies the Will in preference to expressing what it is more comfortable with.

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