Post 621 Reliving my Past

2010 Apr 02 Yesterday was a beautiful day and I even got a start on a suntan. Later in the afternoon I went for a walk down by the lake. Last night, I was on the internet, and saw a canoe for sale on Kijiji. I called the woman and made arrangements to see it today, Friday at 11:00 am.

Later that night, before going to bed, I was thinking, “What am I doing?” My back is still sore and I’m seeing a Chiropractor, so I’m in no shape to begin hauling around a canoe and paddling for hours. I then realized that being outside yesterday and then seeing the ad for the canoe, I got excited. I was reliving my more youthful days, of some 20 years ago, when I had both a 16’ Langford cedar strip, canvas covered canoe, and an Old Town Discovery white water canoe. That was just after I got divorced when Barb and I did a lot of lake and white water canoeing up in the Muskoka’s and Haliburtons of central and north/east Ontario

Back then, being outdoors and “doing” things was a way for both of us to keep busy and not have to deal with what was really bothering us. Canoing and camping almost every weekend with the canoe club in the warm weather, and then curling and ballroom dancing in the winter, kept us entertained.

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