Post 624 Rogers Internet scam – Networx (Free) internet monitor

Ever since the beginning of March of this year, good old MONEY GOUGING Rogers Cable TV informed its LITE internet users that they had made significant IMPROVEMENTS to their service and that their rates were remaining unchanged… They also informed that as of April 01, they were decreasing internet speed from 350-450Kbps down to 256Kbps, and also cutting bandwidth from 60GB/month down to 25GB/month…. They stated that if you go over your 25BG quota, that they will charge you $2.50/GB up to a max of $50.00 ….. that’s over and on top of your regular internet bill. Of course, they offered to notify you (once) when you reached 75% of your monthly allowance. They also stated that our monthly usage was 29GB/mon.

Not wanting to pay any EXTRA, or get sucked into using Rogers Online Protection and help features that are loaded with spyware, I did some checking around and found a neat little (free) program that monitors your internet service. It’s called NetWorx and can be found at SoftPerfect ® NetWorx FREE

Here is a note about it:
A free and powerful utility that provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer's network connection, features usage reports, notifications, and various network tools.

A simple, yet powerful utility for measuring your bandwidth usage and the speed of all kinds of wired and wireless network connections (Dial-up, Ethernet, ISDN, DSL, 802.11b etc.). The program provides the ability to measure your network throughput, graphic and numeric representation of incoming and outgoing traffic, highly customizable alerts, statistics about dialup connection duration, weekly, daily and monthly Internet usage reports, etc.

You can download from this link NetWorx and you will find it 5th from the bottom of the page. When the page opens, you will find the download buttons in the sidebar on the right, under….. QUICK INFO…

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