Post 626 Lower back, sexual issues

I had just woken up and was thinking of why I have a pain in my lower back by my tail bone. I’ve been to the Chiropractor and while he has helped my neck and upper back, this is still a problem. I’ve found that if I placed both hands, palm down under my lower back, and then move my hands and back, that the vertebra shift and the pain would ease. I did the exercise this morning, but nothing was happening, so I began to lift and thrust my hips in an up-and-down motion with a slight rotation either to the left or right. Suddenly everything began to move and the pain in my lower back and hips were completely gone.

I realized that what I was doing was actually moving like I was having sex. I then realized that while I had been doing exercises and stretches for the rest of my body, none of them were really working the lower vertebrates and muscles like having sex would do. I haven’t had sex in many summers, (Indian talk for years) 🙂 so it’s no wonder that my lower back has seized up.

Later, when I went to the chiropractor, I looked at a chart he had on the wall, and my problems with my lower back also affect my kidneys, intestines and sex organs. Another area that I had a problem with was my upper back, between my shoulder blades. I noticed that that area affects the heart and lungs, and wondered if it had anything to do with my border line high blood pressure. I then looked what organs were being affected by the neck and found that the eyes were connected to the nerves in the neck, and it just so happens that I needed to get new glasses a few months ago. Things that make you go hummmm, as all these are related issues.


NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .

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