Post 627 Wanting a quick-fix

Marian told me that she got a call from her doctor (broken arm surgery) stating that he wants to see her, as she’s not doing that good. She said that he was talking about giving her cortisone injections in the shoulder to help increase her arm mobility. She was showing me (again) how high she could lift her arm, and the range of mobility she had. I commented (again) that she needed to exercise her arm several times a day, and not just wait to go to physiotherapy three times a week to any exercises. I gave her several suggestions as well as showing her the tools she could use to do simple, easy exercise to strengthen and increase her mobility. Of course she refused them as she only wants to do what “they” say.

She was now telling me that she doesn’t do exercises in physiotherapy, and that now the woman just massages and flexes her arm, things that she can’t do on her own. I said that you told me before that she was giving you a series of exercises to do at home, you even showed them to me, and now you say that she just massages your arm. It’s no wonder you are not improving.

I said I don’t understand your mentality. Now you are saying that all you need is for your arm to be massaged, and that you don’t need exercise? There is also no reason that you can’t reach your shoulder with your good arm and massage it yourself. She then said that physiotherapy has special equipment that they use to move and extend her arm. I commented that there are countless ways you can move and extend your arm using objects around the house, that I even showed you.

I commented that she doesn’t do anything for herself except the bare minimum, but then she expects other people to do it for her and to help her.

I commented further. Of course your arm was broken and you will have some pain as you get your muscles working again after the surgery. But if you stop exercising at the least sign of pain and not try again a bit later, you are not going to improve, and of course, you won’t have the mobility that your doctors says you should have by now. You don’t want to exercise a few times a day to strengthen and increase the mobility in your arm, yet you go out and do all these other things that hurt your arm, and then you complain. You are your own worst enemy, yet you want others to feel sorry for you. Maybe others do, but not me.


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