Post 630 Flash backs

Yesterday, April 17, I had a series of flashbacks of how I never had a girlfriend when I was young. Although there were girls that I liked, I always kept silent and withdrawn. Any girl that I did like, I felt I was inferior, because we were poor, and I also felt that I was not good enough physically, as I was small for my age. Being poor was a big issue, as we didn’t have what others had and I was also ashamed of my parents as they weren’t as “well mannered,” as other parents I saw. They were farmers, poor farmers that now lived in the city and were out of their element.

I felt I didn’t have what others had, and I was embarrassed, ashamed to even introduce a girl to my parents so what’s the point of having a girl as a friend. My parents also teased me whenever they thought I had a girlfriend, and that didn’t help things either.


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