Post 634 A slave to money, trying to buy happiness

A few minutes after our last conversation ended abruptly, (Post 63) she came downstairs and said that she was leaving for work, and at the same time she was complaining that she was tired and her arm was hurting.

I said, “Why work? Why do all the things that you do?”

She replied haughtily, “Well I need the money to pay for all the bills.”

I replied, “The only reason you need more money is because you are living beyond your means. You want the life style that makes you happy and that takes money to pay the bills. You are only happy when you are spending money and buying things. I don’t need to own a house, lease a new car, or pay a bunch of bills, as my life is fairly simple.”

She angrily interjected, “You, all you do is work on your computer, do grocery shopping, go for a walk and ride your bike, and lie on the bed when you are tired, or watch TV.”
I said, “I’m fine with that.”

She snapped back, “Don’t think that I’m not getting fed up having to work and slave. Don’t think that I haven’t been thinking of selling the house and getting an apartment.”

I replied, “Don’t let me being here stand in your way of you doing what makes you happy, I can leave anytime.”

At that she huffed, turned and left for work.


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