Post 641 Upgrade Laptop – 2GB RAM

I've been thinking about selling the little Acer Netbook, (post 597) as I'm not really using it, especially since I recently obtained a 500 GB external hard drive. I was also considering selling my Toshiba Notebook (3 years old) and buying an new one, but then, I thought why? I have a fairly new battery and screen, and it’s been working pretty good the last couple of months, so why upgrade? I had also been thinking about just upgrading the RAM from 1GB to 2GB as my computer slows down when I have 4 or 5 programs running at the same time. After some deliberation, I decided to do the RAM upgrade and keep my Toshiba for another couple of years. I then called a local tech to order the RAM and have him install it as I’ve never done anything like that before. I felt that by doing that, I’d speed up my computer and also be at the bottom end of today’s technology.

Marian had always been ogling my Netbook, and when I said I was thinking of selling it, she was quick to snap it up. I removed all my files and any programs that she wouldn’t be using and then, helped her load her files. I never realized it, but because of the small screen, the Netbook, wouldn’t allow her to install her camera software so that she could download her pictures. It wasn’t what she wanted, so I now had my Acer Netbook back, but without some of my programs and none of my files. There has to be a reason that I need to keep it…

Marian then went on Kijiji to try to find a used notebook, and after a couple of days of not finding what she wanted, she went to Staples and bought a new Toshiba laptop, with windows 7, along with a new printer. Needless to say, what began as me helping her install her files and some programs, ended up in me doing it as it was quicker and less frustrating, than to have her interrupting me all the time, asking what to do next. I also had to clean up her old PC as she had already sold it and had been paid, and the guy was waiting for it…


5 thoughts on “Post 641 Upgrade Laptop – 2GB RAM

  1. What's you assessment on Windows 7, good, bad, average.I my self try it all, first with AMD gaming system, then Intel gaming, then Acer Vista laptop hated LCD on that, then Notebook with XP hated allot, then simple dual core desk system with Ubuntu and am satisfied should i say finally.

  2. Hi,I missed (on purpose) going to Windows Vista, and just leaped from Windows XP to Windows 7 with the Netbook. While there are some good features, there are also a lot of WTF features, especially stupid nag screens. Another thing that ticks me off is the lack of integrating of Windows 7 and Windows XP.. Microsoft knows that Vista was a flop and that a lot of people didn’t switch and stayed with XP, yet they make it so that you can only have a “compatible’ XP mode in Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate… Windows7 Home “Premium” doesn’t allow that so if you have that installed , you have to upgrade (More money = $199.00) Some of the old programs that I used on Windows XP will not run on Windows 7, so that means having to upgrade them also.. (More money $$$) or lose them if they don’t upgrade their app to Windows 7. So right now, I'm not impressed with Windows 7.I like the idea of “open Source” and have been looking at Ubuntu. I tried installing it on an older PIII machine that I have as a back up, but it has an error message on install. Until I can see what it can and can’t do, I’m reluctant to put it on my Toshiba. I’m also investigating just how “compatible” it is with other third party “windows” applications. I know Open Office is around, but there are more apps that I use, including a website editor…

  3. Dragon naturally speaking v9 doesn't work in Windows 7… neither did Atlantis Word processor, or ZoneAlarm a firewall program, and I think Nero 7 wasn't working either… Like you said, I could either upgrade Windows 7 home to pro, and use the compatibility mode or upgrade my old XP software… Thanks for the Vbox tip.. I'll check it out…

  4. What program don't work with W7 just update version or use compatibility mode.P3 is little bit too old for Linux, try at least P4.For Windows apps i just use Vbox it runs just fine there.Try Kompzer for web editor

  5. Windows 7 has it's own new firewall, Nero has now free version as Nero 9 Lite, try Open Office… recognition won't work properly under Vbox probably as the speed go, Vbox is very fast if you have AHCI mainboard and NCQ HDD then Vbox fly with intel AHCI drivers i was getting 300MB/s on laptop HDD with XP with boot up almost zero if you can believe that.

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