Post 647 Oil Spill, Obama, and things to come

I have this feeling that the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is not going to get better, in fact, I feel it’s going to get worse, a lot worse. I also feel that there is more behind the oil spill disaster than what has been revealed, and that there are “other” forces at work, much like the 9/11 episode and government cover-up.

I also feel that the American people are going to get fed up with Obama and that he will be assassinated. That will be the beginning of both a war against the establishment and a US civil war. It will also be the beginning of martial law in the US and the end to so-called personal freedom.


PS: As an after thought I got that seeing that “they” couldn’t pull another 9/11 “threat” against America that would allow them to expand their military presence and operations on the “Homeland," what better way to invoke American anger than to stage an environmental attack. Some Americans will revolt against the government, and then the military will be called up to suppress the revolt and further quash personal freedom.. Hummm? And so the plot thickens…

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