Post 649 Canadian G8 and G20 Summit Security

This whole security for the upcoming G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville and Toronto Canada, are giving me the creeps. With well over one billion dollars being spent on security, what’s coming out is feeling more like the US and other countries police and military, and their Gestapo tactics.

I don’t feel that all this money is being spent on just security, but is a way for the federal government to create an elite “guard” that is ready to deal with any public unrest or uprising. They would never get money to do what they were doing if it was put up for discussion in parliament, but this way, it all comes under the dark cloak of “National Security,’ and the real intent and actions remain hidden.

Police used to have uniforms and were approachable, but now they look like some sci-fi future terminator with their Darth Vader hoods to protect their identities when they are on special assignment and in public view. There is not that much difference now between a Canadian soldier and a policeman walking the beat. In fact, there is not much difference (world wide) between the uniforms and tactics used by both the police and military.

It’s like there has been this quiet re-birth of Hitler’s grand plan for world supremacy, including his tactics, and ever since 9/11, the silent majority has been duped with a phony war on terrorism, that focused on waging a war on a illusionary enemy outside our borders, while the real terrorists have been silently gathering in our very midst.

There, I’ve said what I needed to say.

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