Post 651 Lies, Omission, Avoidance, and Denial = L.O.A.D.

I’ve been working on editing my book and I’ve also been involved in a new R.U.O.W. Right Use of Will group. It was no coincidence that I joined the group in that what I was witnessing in the group just so happened to be what I was editing in my book.

While having breakfast I realized what the problem was, not only this new group, but also other groups, emails and chats I’ve been in. What became clear was that people don’t know what denial is, yet they ironically claim they know what love and self-love is. Unaware that where there is denial, there is no love. I’ve found that very few people are aware of even their most blatant denials and are even willing to admit to them when confronted. Most will side step any direct challenge to avoid the inner conflict of facing their denials and issues. Not only are these people in denial, but they are also in denial of being in denial. While their denials are blatant and obvious, they are adamant their denial is the truth. Like a drunk falling over his feet and unable to stand up, not only claiming that he’s not drunk, but also being offended by anyone saying he is drunk.

A while later when I was thinking of this situation of being in denial of being in denial, I got this image of a person carrying this heavy load around with them, that was preventing them from being free. I saw these four heavy boxes called, Lies, Omission, Avoidance, and Denial. I smiled as I realized that the acronym for this condition was LOAD.

Your life experiences will depend on the load you are carrying, and there is only one way to lighten your load.

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