Post 652 Secret law gives police extra powers for G20

2010 June 25 TORONTO – Critics are comparing a secret law passed by the Ontario government to give police special powers during the G8 and G20 summits to Canada's War Measures Act.

The regulation gives police the power to arrest anyone coming within five metres of the security fences around the summit site in Toronto. Police can also demand identification from people near the security fences, and anyone who refuses to provide it can face up to two months in jail and a $500 fine.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Community Safety says the Ontario Public Works Protection Act dates back to 1939, and was simply extended to the G20 security perimeter for one week. The same law gives police the power to ask anyone entering a courthouse for identification and to search any bags they have.

The province's Liberal cabinet secretly passed the new regulation June 2 without any debate in the legislature, which was still in session at the time.

A Facebook group created today condemns the Ontario Public Works Protection Act, which it says "seriously curtails our rights and freedoms."

The law went into effect on Monday and will expire next Monday, after the G20 wraps up in Toronto.

And so the plot thickens as Canadian lapdog politicians and Military cronies, follow the USA and other “super” world powers lead to curtail and suppress civil liberty, all in the name of freedom… While some will claim that this is a different scenario, it’s merely semantics, as it’s the underlying INTENT that needs to be examined, and not the superficial pretence of protecting civil liberty and freedom.

Fema camps in US Above picture

Israel /Palestinian wall Picture to the right


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