Post 660 Gulf Oil disaster a good thing

While the Gulf oil spill is a disaster in many ways, I got the feeling that it is also a good thing, in a twisted sort of way. While I feel that the NWO (New World Order) have their hands in orchestrating this disaster, and that it’s part of their “plan” to control the people. They do this by creating this disaster and then provoking the people, who out of a sense of desperation, finally riot against the government and the BIG businesses involved. That rioting will then allow the government to invoke special military powers that will then begin to move the people in the gulf region off to special FEMA camps that are already set up for this purpose.

I also feel that the toxins that are being released, (and created) by the application of COREXIT to the crude oil, will not only affect the water, land and air, but all life, including man. This will drive people away from the gulf region, and the states of Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and even those further inland, up to the Great Lakes, that are in the path of prevailing winds and toxic rains that are poisoning the lands. Still others will fight to stay on their land and will try to avoid being shipped off to the FEMA camps.

Why I say this is good, is that some people are going to be voluntarily leaving the area. These people will be spared the ultimate disaster, that being the massive Earth changes that are coming to that area that will submerge much of the land south of the Great lakes and near the Mississippi river, all the way down to the gulf of Mexico. Those that remain in this area will meet their fate, either by the toxic rain, Fema camps, or by the Earth changes. I didn’t get a feeling for the time of all this, but I don’t feel that it is that far off, and that it has already begun. I also feel that it’s by no random chance that the name of this toxin is called……… COR EXIT


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