Post 662 Fear and Death

I saw the movie inception and I noticed the words Fear/Death written on a background prop that immediately struck me as being important. I didn’t go into why I felt so at the time as I was trying to follow the movie, but what I got later was that because of our present denials, we associate fear, with death. It may not be obvious at first, but if the underlying issues and denials are exposed we would realize that when we are in fear, we think/feel that our very survival is threatened, and in that, the issue of death arises. Death is nothing, it is a lack of vibration, a lack of consciousness created by our denials. We are in fact, creating our own deaths by our continued denials.

To overcome our fear of death we need to face our fear and that takes a leap of faith in trusting that doing what we have never done before, which is to not deny our fear, will not bring us the death that we unconsciously associate with the fear. It’s ironic in that it’s our very denials that created what we fear in the first place, yet we are unaware that by ending our denials, we not only heal our issues and end our fears, but we also end our fear of death as now we see it in a different light.


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