Post 665 Looking at getting a “Newer” vehicle

2010 Aug 01 I’ve also been feeling that I need to get a new (newer) vehicle as I feel that my 1991 Nissan truck won’t get me to where I got to go, without costing me a lot of money, which I don’t have. I was on Kijiji and I spotted a 2006 VW Jetta diesel TDI wagon that was going for $6,900.00. It was a good deal, but was also way beyond my reach.

Later I was again browsing Kijiji and spotted a 1999 Toyota Tercel sedan that was going for $1,800.00. It had been safety certified and e-tested and was ready to go. I did some searching on the internet and found that this car, with similar mileage and shape was worth around $2,500.00 and that there were a lot being offered for sale with double the mileage that this one had.

There was something about this car that was telling me to buy it so I wrote the guy and asked if he still had it. He replied that he did. I felt excited, but I didn’t reply right away. I decided to think about it over night. I did a lot of thinking, weighing the pros and cons and finally I convinced myself to get it. I figured that if I could sell my truck for around $1,000.00, that would mean I could get the car for $800.00. Also being a four cylinder, I knew that it would be better on gas that what I was getting with my truck, so that if I was going to be doing and long distance driving, the car would also save me a lot of money.

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