Post 666 Time for a change

2010 Aug 02 I emailed the man about the car the next morning and made arrangements to go out and see it later in the afternoon. I got there around 2:00 pm. I looked the car over and it looked in good condition. I then took it out for a test drive. I loved it! Because the safety certificate had expired a couple of days ago, he offered to get it re-inspected so that I could get license plates for it. I gave him a $300.00 deposit and was to come back and make the final payment when it was re-certified. At the same time, I was also going to get my license plates from the motor vehicle licensing agent in the next town. Before I left, he showed me the seller’s kit that listed the cars value at $2,595.00

Later that afternoon and the next day, I emptied my truck and cleaned it up for sale. I bought some “for sale” signs and put them in the back and side rear windows. I also took some pictures and put an ad on Kijiji. I decided to sell the truck with the cap and bed-liner, but I was also open to anyone that just wanted the cap and bed-liner and not the truck. As I was moving the stuff I had in the back of the truck into the basement, I realized that I needed to downsize and get rid of more “stuff.” As I was cleaning it out and up, I was remembering parts of my journey that included the truck. It was like I was saying good bye to an old friend.

As I was working on cleaning up the truck, I realized that I had forgotten that the taxes on the vehicle had just gone up to 13% and that added another $300.00, to the cost of the vehicle plus License plates. Although it didn’t seem like much, it was making things a little tight for the rest of the month if I didn’t sell my truck. I decided to ask Marian for a small loan, and just to be on the safe side, I asked her for $500.00 with the understanding that it was only until I sold my truck, or the end of the month. She said she was okay with that

I was looking at all my “stuff’ that I had and remembered my bike that I used to carry, tied to the roof of the truck cap. I called my daughter and offered her my bike that I hadn’t really ridden much, and I felt that it was also time to let it go as I couldn’t see me hauling it on top of, or on the back of the Toyota. She was delighted, as she didn’t have one.


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