Post 667 Bought a 1999 Toyota Tercel Sedan

2010 Aug 06 Late Tuesday afternoon, Aug 03, Bruce, the guy that I was buying the car from, emailed me and said that the car had been re-certified and that I could pick it up anytime. I told him that the only time I could get a ride out was on Friday, Aug 06, as Marian had other appointments. On Friday, Marian drove me out to pay for the car, and then we drove to the nearby town to get new license plates. Once I had the plates, I went back and put them on “my” car and drove back home. It was a different driving experience compared to my truck and I was surprised by how “peppy” it was as I took it up to 140 kph (90 mph) and it still had more zip left in it.

The car came with four extra rims and snow tires so when I got home, I removed the donut spare and replaced it with a full size wheel and tire. I spent the rest of that and the next day, cleaning the car up including touching up some stone chips on the hood and a small rust spot on the bottom of the driver’s door.


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