Post 669 Mac iBook and iPod

2010 Aug 10 Back on July 21, I was talking with my son over in Edinburgh, Scotland, and we were talking about computers and the problems I was having with my Toshiba. He’s an avid Mac advocate, and during our conversation, he offered me his old Mac iBook G4 (c.2005) – OS X 10.4 Tiger that he was no longer using and that he had stored in the closet. I leaped at the offer as I had used an Apple computer years ago and liked it, but had to switch to PC (Windows) for the business software I wanted to use at the time, and I have never gone back to Mac… Until maybe now…. He said he would pack it up, and ship it out the next day.

Since then, he has texted or called me several times to see if I got it, but it never arrived until today. That’s almost 3 weeks after it was sent. Now that is slow!!!! It’s also a real scam considering that it cost him 41.19 pounds ($67.45 CND) to mail it. For that price, it should have almost had an airline seat.

When I opened the package I was surprised to not only find the ibook, but also an ipod touch (8gb). I just so happened to have an laptop case that I had picked up at Good Will, for Marians computer, but it was too small her computer. I tried it with the Mac and it fit like a glove.

Later I started both up and played around with them, getting used to them. I even sent myself an email from my ipod. It will take a bit getting used to the Mac, but already I like what I see as it is a lot simpler and user friendly than Windows. I also like the keyboard, as it too is user friendly with bigger keys than my Toshiba. I was also surprised as I’m still getting a good 4 hours of battery life on the ibook and that is more than I get on my Toshiba.


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