Post 670 Downsizing Again

2010 Aug 11, Yesterday, after the truck was sold, I moved my car into the spot where my truck used to be. It looks so small, in fact, it looks downright tiny. Later I realized that it was the same feeling I had when I sold my Ford Aerostar van and bought the Nissan truck. It also seemed small compared to the room I had in the van. With the van, I could be driving, and then stop and move around inside it without having to get out. With the truck, all my stuff was in the back of the truck and under the cap, and so to get at anything I had to get out of the truck, go to the back, unlock the cap and take stuff out, so that I could get to the stuff that I wanted. The truck also held about 1/3 of what I could put in the van.

So now I have down sized again, and I feel that it’s by another 1/3. Because my truck was full, it now means I’ll have to get rid of more of my “stuff” that I really don’t need. It makes me wonder, what’s next, a motorcycle? And then after that, will it be a back-pack, and then the shirt on my back. I feel that this is yet another level of letting go of attachments.


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