Post 672 Computer Problems… Software Distribution Services 3.0

2010 Aug 21 My computer has been acting up for several weeks with the odd pop-up notice on startup, stating that this or that file was missing. My spyware, BitDefender, also began telling me that my browsers were potential malware and that some safe downloads were tagged as malicious. My browser, also started to not respond, or it was just shutting down for no apparent reason. I also noticed that my computer also stopped going into hibernation, and would just freeze. I ran my antivirus programs several times, but they were not picking up anything.

That was when I decided to try a system restore to see if that would correct the problem. It wasn’t until I tried to do a system restore that I saw this program called “Software Distribution Services 3.0” was creating a restore point for itself almost everyday. In checking back through my restore points, I saw that it had been installed at the end of June. I didn’t understand how it could be installed as I never downloaded it, and I also had my Microsoft updates turned off. While that was confusing and disturbing, what really pissed me off was that when I tried to do a system restore, I couldn’t restore my computer to a previous date. I then deduced that my computer problems had begun after the Microsoft “Software Distribution Services 3.0” installed itself on my computer.

I then searched the internet for solutions. A lot of people had the same problem, and while there were several solutions, none of them worked. I tried deleting all but my latest restore points, and even turning off System Restore, but that didn’t help. I even tried to delete the “Software Distribution Services 3.0” from the registry, but all to no avail, as it would merely re-install itself.

People on the internet said that they had contacted Microsoft, and that while Microsoft admitted it was their software, they denied that they installed it without permission, or that it was creating the problems that the people were having. The suspicious thing about this Microsoft update was that it didn’t install itself like all the other updates, but rather, it installed itself right in the registry.

A couple of days later, my wireless keyboard stopped working in the middle of typing some text. I thought it was the batteries and so I changed them, but still nothing. I even tried my old USB keyboard and it also didn’t work. I then tried my Laptop keyboard and found it to be working. I was confused! Something was going on that I didn’t like so I then decided that I needed to back up my documents just to be safe.

The next day I began doing a back up of my files using my Laptop keyboard, and I noticed that I could no longer copy and paste my files. That was it….! I then decided to re-install my Windows Operating System. Needless to say I was busy for the next two days, with backing up my documents to two external hard drives, and then in reinstalling my OS and all my programs and documents. When I get done, I’ll be seriously exploring the Mac, ibook as I’m really getting fed up with Microsoft and their controlling tactics. Using Mac will be another learning curve, although based on past experience, and from what I’ve seen, it won’t be as complicated as Windows.

UPDATE:See —> [/COLOR]Post 673 Microsoft Security Essentials 3.0 Update

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