Post 674 Trying, expectation and denial

I was in a couple of internet conversations where the topic of discussion was about trying, expectations and potential. While on the surface trying and expectation seem like a positive and loving thing to do, they are actually reactions to the unseen role of denial where the person is not happy with the current state of affairs they are experiencing and want to change it. In trying to change their experience, they are not addressing the underlying causes and issues of why they are experiencing what they are, but are instead, denying them in favor of trying to manifest their expectations of what they desire.

What they were doing in effect is trying to put a square peg in a round hole, as that is what they think will solve the problem, not realizing that they are dealing with two different forms. The Mind is aware of two realities and is beginning to see the illusion of the one based in denial, yet fearful of the unknown new reality that will be created when denials are ended. Being confused and in doubt, the Mind is sitting on the fence, desperately trying to combine both realities into one. It’s like the Mind says that if the square peg doesn’t fit in this hole, then it may fit in that hole, and it thinks that as long as it keeps “trying,” it believes it will succeed. And so the Mind just keeps going in circles and either blames the holes, or the peg as being the problem, not realizing that it has failed to see the situation for what it really is, ending denials, or not ending them, one reality or the other. What makes it difficult is that the transition is not instantaneous, as each issue will have to be healed separately by ending denial.


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