Post 675 Potential, desire, knowing and doing

Potential ties in with the previous topic of trying, expectation and denial. Potential means that one has the ability to do what one desires, but it also means that they don’t automatically possess, or have the desire to do or to put their potential into action. True potential can only be realized when the gap that separates one polarity from the other has been connected and there is no longer a gap. By polarity I mean that the Spirit (mental or [+] polarity, and the Will (feeling or[ -] polarity) need to be connected, and not gapped, so as to create a “flow” that then manifests what one desires. The person sitting on the fence is a good example of a person having the potential, but lacking the intent and action to follow through and make it happen

It’s like a battery that has the electrical potential, power and a (+) polarity and (- ) polarity but unless it is connected and forms a complete circuit back onto itself, nothing is experienced as no current is flowing. Without the flow of electricity there is no magnetic field, and the reverse is also true, in that if there is no magnetic field, then no electrical current is produced. If there is a limited connection, (resistance) then only a part of the full potential of energy will be flowing. Without a connection there is only the kinetic, static, or potential electric or magnetic energy, and while each is separate and different, they are intrinsically connected to each other. To put that in terms of human beings, there is Chi, a life force, a potential, but without our Mind being fully connected to our Will (Intuition, feelings and emotions) we are limited in our consciousness and our ability to awaken to full consciousness, and to experience life like we have never experienced it. Anytime that our Mind is in denial of our Will, (resistance) we have a gap and there is either limited or no connection, and we are not fully in the flow, the present moment.

Potential is also associated with knowledge and knowing, but is not necessarily putting the knowledge into action. Unless the knowledge is put into action, all the knowledge that one possesses is just a mind game and nothing else. It’s like having the knowledge of how a bike works and how to ride it, but never having actually ridden one to experience how it feels, one has no knowing. Having knowledge is based on what you have learned through hear-say, which is other people’s thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and experiences, without having any real personal experience. Knowledge without personal experience is void of feeling and is just reciting hear-say. Knowledge, with personal experience, is understanding and knowing, as feelings and emotions are also involved.

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