Post 676 Issues with – Windows7 Not Genuine

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I bought my Acer Netbook that had been upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium, from Windows 7 Starter, back at the beginning of February and although I haven‘t used it that much, I’ve never had a problem with it. Today I was deleting a couple of programs and installing a new one when I suddenly got the notice that my version of Windows 7 wasn’t genuine. I was confused as I had Windows updates turned on and had all the updates installed and there was never an issue in the past eight months.

At first it was just the nag screen in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and the pop up message about updates, but the next day, the background image was removed and replaced with a black screen. Although I could still get to my programs and documents, I was always being interrupted with this nag message that Windows 7 was not genuine. A couple of days later I noticed my computer was considerably slower, and then I began having problems accessing the internet. I then tried to do a system restore, to see if that would resolve my problems, but it wouldn’t let me do a system restore either. I was stuck.

As all this was going on, I checked the internet for an answer and found that others were also having issues with “Windows 7 not genuine” notifications, especially when upgrading from another Windows version, like in my case, from Windows 7 starter.

I also found out that Microsoft Windows IMPORTANT update KB971033 is associated with a Microsoft bug that is associated with (WAT) Windows Activation Technologies and when activated, it will state that the current version of Windows is NOT genuine, and will gradually shut down your system, starting first with nag screen warnings.

Although Windows7 is genuine and previous updates have been installed over the past eight months, installing KB971033 ignores that, and operates as if Windows was not genuine. Microsoft (in a feeble attempt to rectify this problem) does not specify that you need to download this file, although they have not removed it from their IMPORTANT update list, hence the problem. The other thing that my search revealed was that the problem also seemed to occur when deleting or installing programs, so that could also be what triggered the program in my case.

I tried to contact Microsoft regarding the problem, but that was an exercise in futility as all I got was a closed loop of links that just kept me going in circles. Other Microsoft links were just to information pages suggesting that a solution to this problem was to search for an answer in a forum, or to buy a new Microsoft license, which I am not prepared to do as it was valid before, and should remain so.

In frustration, I re-installed the System Image that I made a few months ago. Windows 7 worked perfectly and was still genuine so I then installed any updates that had been missed since the backup. I also un-installed the problem “Windows update KB971033” that I noticed had been previously installed. Now things are back to normal and Windows Updates is turned on and updating, and there are no more nag screens, or issues with my Netbook.

With all the unnecessary hassles I’ve been recently having with Microsoft, I’m really glad I got the Mac ibook, and I’m now even more determined to let Bill Gates shove his Microsoft Technology up his **Window** … If you know what I mean…

First it was the Software Distribution Services 3.0 issue that was affecting my Toshiba Laptop running Windows XP. It got to the point that I had to finally reinstall my operating software and all my programs and documents. Now it’s this problem with my Acer Netbook running Windows 7, and the crap with update KB971033 and “Windows not being genuine.” What ticks me off is Microsoft’s smug omission and denial of what they are secretly doing with their software and updates, and their intentional and malicious sabotaging and shutting down of any system and computer they choose. BIG F**King Brother showing his ugly head… If the Mac Computer doesn’t work out, then there’s always the Linux operating system. But then… behind it all are the sinister and lurking eyes and ears of the INTERENT… silently watching and listening to every word we type and say.


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