Post 677 Getting rid of… “stuff”

In preparation for my pending move, I’m selling things that I no longer need, or that I can’t take with me. Since selling my truck and getting the Toyota Tercel, I have a lot less space for my “stuff.” I put ads on Kijiji and sold my treadmill and guitar within two days and made $200.00. The treadmill, I literally picked up off the street a couple of years ago when someone was throwing it out in the spring clean up. There was nothing wrong with it, and I used it for a while, but now I feel it’s time to get rid of it, especially if I can make a few bucks in the process. I carried my guitar around with me on my journey, but since I rarely play it, I felt that it was time to let it go, as it would be taking up a lot of room. I have a small bamboo flute I can play which takes up a lot less space. I still have a few other things that I’ll try to sell, and what I can’t sell and can’t take with me, I’ll just take to the Salvation Army.


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