Post 678 Other people that are You

I happened to be channel surfing on TV and happened to stop on the old TV sitcom “The Golden Girls.” Rose, played by Betty White, (the woman in the green dress in the picture) was telling the other women about how she doesn’t have any money or a job. She continued talking about how, every morning, when she was going to work, she saw a homeless bag lady on 105th street, and always wondered how she could have let herself get into such a position. She continued by saying that today she realized that that woman was her.

For some reason, that statement struck a chord with me. I’ve often heard that phrase, and I’ve used it myself when explaining that other people are reflecting you, your judgments or denials that you’re not willing to see. But today it seemed to take on a whole new meaning. I feel that there is more to this, but I don’t know what it is at this moment.

Later that day I was in a Skype text conversation and the person was stalking about a girl at work that he liked and that he was Jealous of her talking to other guys. As he said that I felt that he wasn’t jealous of the girl, but of the guys that she was talking to, as that was what he was wanting to do, but was too afraid to speak to her and ask her out like he was wanting to do. Again, this is a reflection of denials and the guys were reflecting his denials to him.

Hummmmm? As I’m writing this for my Blog, I’m sensing a subtle feeling of superiority is involved in some reflections, and also the other end, that of feeling inferior. It’s our comparing ourselves to others on a subconscious level that is filled with imprints, programs, beliefs, and judgments that then create our perception of reality.

Close….. but something is still missing…. “Other people that are you.” That phrase is going to haunt me until I get it… I know that this phrase is also mentioned in the RUOW books, I remember seeing it on the top of a page, I think it was the right side. I did a quick scan of my books, but I couldn’t find it… I’m getting the word…. Patience…


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