Post 682 Windows 7 – System Image back-up and Restore Bug (VSS & SPP Logs, code 0x81000019)

Last Thursday, I decided not to sell my Acer Netbook, (given the issues with Windows 7) but instead to give it to my daughter. I began installing some software for her and during the process, I got a pop up message to download some updates for Microsoft Office . I downloaded the updates, but in the middle of Windows installing them, the computer froze up. I waited for over ½ hour for it to clear itself and finally I had to shut the Netbook down.

When the computer was re-booted, three updates were not installed, so I again, let Windows install them, and there was no problem this time. A short time later, when I finished installing the last of the programs for my daughter, I went to do a system image backup and I got an error message to check the VSS & SPP logs for errors and that the error code was 0x81000019. It never gave any information as to where to find these logs, and then what to do with them when you found them. Totally useless information, unless of course, you’re a Microsoft GEEK. What a bunch or morons! If the average person knew this terminology and how to fix the problem, then it wouldn’t be a problem. Frustrated, I then tried to do a system restore and that function was also disabled. WTF???

I checked the internet and found that Microsoft has a KNOWN problem and issue (a Vista Carry-over) with Windows7 and System image back-up and restore. There were a lot of people having the same problem and I also found out that the Windows 7 System image back up is directly linked to system restore, and that if there is a problem and malfunction with one, it also affects the other.

What is even more infuriating is that there is no solution other than re-installing Windows7 as the Microsoft Nerds haven’t yet figured out how to fix the Vista/Windows7 problem, and are too stupid to re-install the old Windows XP version that was working OK. The more I work with Windows 7, the more frustrated and anti-Microsoft I become. Anyway, I decided to download a third party back-up software, and let Windows 7 image back up and system restore go and seduce themselves. Unless Microsoft wakes up, (which I see little chance of them doing) I see Windows 7 becoming a nightmare just like Vista was.


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