Post 680 Getting car fixed

2010 Sept 14 I took my car into Toyota yesterday to replace what I thought was the driver’s side CV joint that was making an intermittent noise on right turns, and also on acceleration. They also offered to do a complete inspection and oil change, which I felt was worth the money, knowing they were giving my vehicle a good once over. I waited around for the work to be done and after a half an hour, it turns out that the problem is not the CV joint, but rusted front rotors, and also rear drums that are making noise. The service rep told me that while the rotors and drums are within minimum spec, they should have been replaced given that they were making noise. I was aware of the rear drums making a funny grinding noise, especially if I had the car parked for a couple of days, but after driving it a while and using the brakes, the noise would stop. They didn’t have all the parts needed so I had to bring the car back the next day.

Well $753.00 later, my car is not making the noise it used to make. They did a complete inspection and didn’t find any problems except for a very minor oil seal leak on the engine, that they advised me was normal for the mileage and that it usually didn’t get any worse after showing itself.

Sept 16, While driving my car to work, I noticed the noises were back. Needless to say I was pissed off in that I felt I had just wasted $750.00 and the problem is still there. I decided to drive the car of a few more days before I’d go back and complain.



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