Post 681 Getting a part time job

2010 Sept 16, A week or so ago I called about a part time job at a local Millet farm that was listed in the local paper, and a couple of days ago I got the call to come to work. The job will help pay for my car expenses or rather, build up some money as now I’m down to less than $100.00. I had to delay starting work by a day as my car was being worked on. When I called about the job, I was told to bring garden gloves as the millet can cut your skin.

I got up at 6:30am, had breakfast and got ready, and after a 35 minute drive (35km) I was at work for 8:00 am. Although the work was relatively easy, it is also strenuous in that you were standing all day and also bending over and pulling the millet toward you for sorting, before passing them off to the tier. Within 10 minutes, the garden gloves I bought had holes in three places as the dry millet leaves were razor sharp. Of course, they had good ole “duct tape” handy to patch up the gloves. By 3:00 pm I was getting a little stiff as I hadn’t done so much manual labor in a couple of years. That evening, my back/shoulders and the small of my back was sore. I was tired and even went to bed early.

The next day, was a short day as we started at 9:00 am because it had rained during the night. We also quit at 4:00 pm so that the people could get to the bank to cash their cheques. My shoulders and back were holding up well, but just before the afternoon break, I was lifting a small bundle of millet waste and as I turned to put it on the wagon, I felt a searing pain go up my back. Needless to say I finished the day in misery. I could have worked on Saturday, but I felt I needed the weekend for my Body to rest and recuperate.

On Saturday morning I could hardly get out of bed, and even on Sunday, my back was still sore and I found it difficult to move without pain, although it is getting better.


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