Post 686 Car issues, engine light on

On Wednesday, when I was going to work, the engine light in my car came on. I stopped and started the car a couple of times to see if it would go off, but it didn’t. I checked the engine oil and it was fine so I decided to carry on and go to work. After work, I started the car and the engine light was off. Go figure! Yet another intermittent problem, and MORE money.

I decided to go back to Toyota and complain about the driver’s side noise that is still there, (intermittently) especially on right turns and on acceleration. The noise also disappears if I put my foot on the clutch to disengage the engine.

Sept 24 Friday, the engine light has been off the last couple of days and on Fridays we finish work at 4:00 pm so I decided to stop in at the Toyota dealer to see about the noise. The mechanic went out for a ride with me, but I couldn’t get the car to make the noise I was complaining about. I also told him about the engine light and he said that it could be various things that could also be connected with the noise I’m hearing, but that unless the light is on, they can’t really find the problem. So I’ll just have to wait.



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