Post 689 Manifesting your Denials

2010 Sept 25 Sat. Yesterday a young woman on the other side of the wagon, left her station and pushed a pile of junky millet that was at the end of the wagon onto the pile of millet that the woman beside me was working on. The woman beside me looked shocked and puzzled, but didn’t say anything to the woman, but instead muttered to me, “Why did she do that? I didn’t do or say anything to her. That was not a nice thing to do.”

I thought to myself, how similar this situation is to when the guy was pushing us (her and me) around and cleaning up under us a couple of days ago, (post 685) and how I spoke up, while she didn’t. I also remembered feeling how she thought I was mean for telling him off. Now this situation has come up to test her and it’s her turn to speak up, but by being “nice,” she denied expressing what she really felt or thought. It will be interesting to see if she will get another chance at ending her denials, and if she chooses to do so the next time. The woman that did the pushing wasn’t affecting me directly, so I had no issue with her and I felt that this issue was between the two of them.

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