Post 692 The Imprinting and programming of a young mind

iMama … My son is mistaking a smartphone for his mother….. By Eric Pape

Around my son's first birthday, I started holding my iPhone up to his ear when my wife called and saying, "It's your mama, Luka. It's your mama." Our boy often made cooing sounds in response to her voice. And when I snapped photos with the phone, I showed them to Luka in the moment. He responded with giddy joy.

We quickly fell into a ritual in which I played a slide show of the photos and video in the phone as I put him to bed. Along with Luka, his mother appeared most often in the photos. Usually, by the second run-through, he would be asleep. Once in a while, when I nodded off first, I woke up to discover Luka tapping the screen to replay the video.

And then one day, about two months later, my iPhone rang. My wife's name appeared on the screen. Before I responded, Luka called out, "Mama!" I was so surprised—and proud. Evidence of their special bond, right? Soon after, Luka blurted out "Mama" again, while we were all in the living room. But he wasn't facing his mother. He was facing the phone.

It became clear: Every time Luka spotted my iPhone, he called "Mama!" Could he really be mistaking an iPhone for his mom?…. See More…

Personal Comment.
While most reading this blog will not see or feel they are in the same boat as the young child, the truth of the matter is that we all are. The only difference is that we were imprinted and programmed in a different way. All the beliefs that we think and feel are facts and “truths” are no different than the child thinking that the iphone is his mother. Religion, politics, education, customs, traditions, love, life, sex, etc, are just part of our imprints, programs and beliefs that create the illusions of what we call our reality.

Food for thought

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