Post 699 Manifesting your Denials (Part2)

On Thursday Oct 07, the woman that is stationed to my right at the end of the wagon “Post 689 Manifesting your Denials” was activated by the woman on the other side of the wagon. We were nearing the end of sorting the millet when the woman directly across from her began to push her pile of millet around the end of the wagon and onto the pile of the woman beside me. Having cleared her pile of millet, she then walked back to her side and looked around for a few moments, before going over to the next wagon, where she pretended to sort millet. When all the sorting was completed on our wagon and we began to clean up, she went outside to have a smoke.

When the other woman pushed her millet onto the pile of the woman beside me, and left, the woman beside me turned to me and asked, “Why did she do that?” Why did she pile her stuff on mine, just so that she could do nothing?” I replied, “Don’t tell me… tell her,” and I left it at that. She said nothing, but continued to sort through her pile of millet, but I could tell she was miffed.

During clean up, one of the sorters, (the son of the woman that pushed the millet to the other woman) also drives the tractor and pulls the wagon to the field to unload the waste. Most of the time he is in a hurry to get away, but this time he couldn’t wait to get away to get a smoke, so he took off with only half a load, even though I and others were shouting after him to stop.

The wife of the owner of the business happened to come in while we were cleaning up and saw what was going on. She happened to be beside me, and I had a brief chat with her regarding both the rush to get the clean up started, and then to take the waste away. I also stated that part of the reason for the rush was so that a half dozen people could sneak out the back to have a smoke, while the rest of us are cleaning up.

She stayed around, sorting millet, and the next wagon clean up went like clockwork, with everyone sorting until the end and then everyone pitching in on the clean up, and the guy waiting until the wagon was loaded before taking it away. The owner came up beside me and I said it looks like they heard you. She said that all it takes is for her to be present, to babysit them. Anyway, she wasn’t present for the afternoon and the “family and friends” did pretty much as they pleased.

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