Post 700 Still being activated in different ways

2010 Oct 08 Friday, Work was OK until we were nearing the completion of sorting the wagon load of millet. We still had about five minutes of work before all the millet was sorted when the woman stationed across the wagon, the same woman that pushed her pile of millet onto the woman beside me the day before, now decided to push all the millet on that side of the wagon down to the far end of the wagon. In doing so, she put five sorters (her family and friends) out of work. Of course they never said anything, or moved to reclaim some of the millet so that they could continue to work. In stopping their sorting, that meant that the remaining sorters now had ten minutes of work, not five.
The “family and friends” group then began to throw some of the waste (leaves and stems) on the wagon, covering up millet that still needed to be sorted while a couple of others began to drift outside for a smoke break.

I spoke up and confronted the woman and her actions, but all that she did was to look down and walk over to the other wagon and begin sorting, pretending she didn’t hear me and that she was busy. Today, the woman that usually worked beside me was away, and in her place, the bosses daughter was filling in. She saw and heard what was going on and as we finished sorting, I told her that there is a “family and friends” group on the other side and that this shit happens whenever there is no supervision around and that it pisses me off. She didn’t say anything.

Besides the antics they pull when it’s near the end of a wagon load, they are always talking and moving around from person to person to have their “private” conversations. They also are slow in sorting as when they talk, they tend to stop sorting, so they are not too productive, although when they are separated, they tend to do more, but that doesn’t happen too often.

It’s a wonder that the company makes any money with all the shit that is going on and the lack of direction and supervision. All my life I’ve had both the qualities of an observer and inventor, so time and motion, and costs and energy effectiveness are like second nature to me. I see and experience what doesn’t work and then seek to find a solution to make it work. It’s difficult to let go of that habit as this is not my business, yet things that are happening are affecting me and I need to express myself or I would be in denial.

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