Post 702 Cutting staff by 50%

2010 Oct 15 Friday, I worked on Thursday but as it began to rain mid-morning, we could only work until lunchtime. At noon, the boss called us all together and said that they were reducing staff by 50% because productivity had been steadily slipping and had decreased by almost 100%. He said that those that were not productive were going to be let go. We all received either a slip of paper telling us that we were either terminated, or asking us to report for work on Friday. I got the later.

I went to work on Friday and still saw people there that I would have let go, including the “family and friends” group. I figure they must have some unseen influence with the owners for them to still be there. With my cold in my chest and my limited breathing and available energy, I let others do the heavier cleanup work, while I did what I was physically able to do without over exerting myself.

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