Post 703 Working with an awakened teen

2010 Oct 17 Sunday, I took Saturday off to babysit Nyah, my granddaughter.

I haven’t worked weekends since I started but I decided to go into today to make up for lost time as we were nearing the end of the harvest. While there are some of the regulars working there are also quite a few students there that only work on weekends. It didn’t take long for me to see that some students were like the “family and friends” group I’ve previously mentioned, while others were quiet and just did their job, trying their best to ignore and disassociate themselves from the others.

Not being a regular for weekends, I was moved to the front of the wagon beside a young girl in grade 11. She was very quiet, but as we worked, we gradually struck up a conversation. She told me that she doesn’t like school, and that she doesn’t know what she will be doing when she finishes. We talked about kids being technology oriented and not being able to problem solve real life situations. She told me that problem solving was taught as a separate "optional" subject, and not as a fundamental way of learning to solve problems.

At one point, she asked me what time it was and as I looked at my watch, I also showed her my wrist watch. She commented that 8 out of 10 kids don’t know how to tell time unless it is on a digital watch. I was dumb struck and said, “You’re kidding.” She calmly replied, “I wish I was, that is how bad it is in school nowadays.” She went on, stating that even math skills are basically non-existent as kids can use calculators to solve their math problems.

I replied that it’s scary to think of what will happen if we lose our technology or the power to run it. She agreed and said, and what are we supposed to do? We have no voice or choice, and that’s why I don’t see a future for me in the society the way it is, as I already feel like an outsider. I smiled and said, you may be an outsider now, but you have an important role to play when the time is right. Just then we were told to go on break and we ended our conversation

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