Post 705 The end of the harvest, and lessons

2010 Oct 19 Tuesday. 8:00 am I went to work today and as I was walking up to the lead wagon I was to work on, the guy that verbally attacked me yesterday was already at his post at the back of the wagon. He was looking at me, and as I came up to him, he reached out his hand and stopped me, saying that he wanted to apologize for what he said to me yesterday. He said that he was way out of line to say what he did, as he realized later that I, and others, were indeed getting the shitty end of the stick because everyone, including him was in a hurry for no real reason. I felt the sincerity in his voice and as I looked him in the eye I said, apology accepted, and I touched him on the shoulder. At that moment, I felt there was nothing more to say or do, so I then made my way past the others to my position at the front of the wagon.

10:30 am The boss called a meeting before break and told us that, after we finish the remaining five wagons, the Millet harvest was officially over. He said that he had planned to harvest and sort another field, but between the rain and the poor productivity, the crop had gone past it’s prime, and could only be harvested and mixed with other bird seed and sold that way. He also told us that he had ordered pizzas and pop for lunch, so when the pizzas came, we stopped work and had a little feast before going back and finishing the last wagonload.

When we finished the last wagon and had cleaned up, I was making my way back to my car, when a couple of people that I had never even talked to, came up to me and said that they enjoyed working with me, as they eagerly shook my hand. I was surprised as one was the friend of the first guy that I had an issue with, and that had been recently laid off. Although I had never talked to this person, I had noticed him, as he had been working beside his friend when I had my words with him. Although both people that approached me didn’t say a lot, I could feel what they meant in that I had touched them in some way.

2010 Oct 22 Friday, Friday, I trashed my second pair of duct taped gloves and drove out to pick up my last cheque. This job was good in many ways as it not only brought up some of my unresolved issues for healing, but it also helped me heal physically. While at first, the work added to my back pain, it eventually was what I needed. I realized that part of my recent back pain had to do with writing my book and my slouching posture when I was sitting at my desk, typing at my keyboard. With this job, I was not only standing for eight hours a day, but also working my upper body and twisting and turning my back, which happens to be just what I needed to re-align my spine. As an aside note, this job also allowed me to make some money so that I could pay for my car repairs, and have a little extra for incidentals.

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