Post 706 Fake it till you make it

In flipping through the TV channels I heard a line on a talk show that stuck with me. It was, “Fake it till you make it”

That got me thinking of the Right Use of Will (R.U.O.W) material and how a person that is of Spirit Polarity, or Will polarity in denial will “act” out their feelings and emotions. By that I mean that when they think their position of power is being threatened, or they can’t get what they want, they will exhibit actions that will, on the surface, look like they are expressing their real feelings and emotions, but in reality they are only acting in an attempt to regain control of the situation. If you “feel” into their “act” you will find that there are no feelings or emotions (including anger and rage) even though what you may be seeing and hearing says that there are. The reason you don’t “feel” anything is not because you are numb or dumb, but because they are no emotions, only the “acting” out of feelings and emotions much like an armature actor that tries to express something that they have never experienced, or felt, and are merely pretending or “acting” as if they were real feelings and emotions. Another example of this act is a child that cries “alligator tears” in an attempt to get what it wants. This “act” applies to every aspect of everyday life (however subtle) where a person portrays a false persona to give the illusion, or image of what they want others to perceive, and to not expose what they are really are feeling.

A common example of this act and façade is evident in our everyday greetings that we hear and use all the time like:
Person #1 asks, “How are you?”
Person #2 responds, “Fine, and you?’
Person #1 replies, “Great, couldn’t be better.”
All this “shit chat” is really a charade, a mask to hide the truth.

Lying, Omitting, Avoiding and Denying are so much a part of our social mentality that we take it as being real life. We can fake it all we want, but we are never going to make it, or experience REAL LIFE, unless we begin to be REAL, and we can only do that by getting rid of the LOAD (the false persona) that we are carrying and presenting as being who and what we are.

When I downloaded the picture of the seagull, I thought of how the seagull was blowing smoke out its ass, pretending it was a jet, and how people are also doing that, except that people are blowing it out of their mouths.

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