Post 711 My moving, and her selling the house

2010 Nov 01, 1:00 pm Marian came downstairs and asked me if I was still planning to move when I had saved up enough money. I said, “Yes I was, I just don’t know….” She interrupted me saying that if I move, she can’t afford to keep the house. I told her that she can always take in a roomer or two to help with expenses. She stated that she doesn’t want to do that, so she will be forced to sell it as she doesn’t have enough money to cover expenses. I told her that she doesn’t have to wait for me to sell the house and move out, as she can do that whenever she wants, and that I can find a place no problem.

I also said, “Instead of making more money to pay for expenses, why not cut back on your spending. You can save money by not spending it on things you don’t really need.”

She said,” I’m not spending money on frivolous things, I just buy what I need.

I commented, “Yes, and you have a lot of needs,” which drew a silent moment, but no comment.

She then stated that she had put her name down for a senior’s apartment, as she had found something that she can afford, and where she can keep her dog.

Hummmm… I find it interesting in that now as I’m planning to move, all my past issues are coming up for clearing. This also ties in with my previous Post 707 Afraid to Finish but with a twist in that the issue is not about finishing, but about me starting to move so that I can finish the things that were started, but were never finished. Left over issues from our marriage that ended in divorce over 20 years ago, but that still need to be finished in order for me to move on to the next level.

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