Post 714 Living in the Now

2010 Nov 04 1:35 am. It is only in the now, the present moment that we can experience our true Being that is relative to the space/time continuum. Although space and time are linked in a never-ending cycle of expansion and contraction, it is only in the NOW (the present) time and space that you are in, that can be experienced, even though our consciousness can travel back or forward in space and time.

While we have memories of the past and dreams and projections of the future, we can only experience the now or present moment. How we experience the present, or now, depends on how much presence we have in this moment, and how much of our consciousness is either living in the past or dreaming of the future. If our consciousness is elsewhere, we are in denial, and miss the opportunity to live in the moment. The side effect of living in the past or future is in experiencing the “now” with unpleasantness as it is not what you desire, as what you desire doesn’t exist in this moment.

There is more to this, but I got distracted and lost what I was feeling.

7:33 am Instead of experiencing what you desire, you experience and manifest your denials because that is what you are giving your energy to. While thoughts create your reality, you can’t get past the fact that you have these “other” thoughts that are not in your present reality. Having a positive attitude and denying any so-called negative or unpleasant thoughts or feelings doesn’t change the fact that the thoughts and feelings are not in your present reality. The same scenario plays out for thoughts of the past, or future that are pleasant and more desirable that what is being experienced in the present moment.

While you may appear to be successful in having a positive attitude, the experience will be short lived and you will again be going through the process of psyching yourself up with another version of a positive attitude. Nothing will really change and no transformation will take place until the real issues that are being experienced in your present reality are faced and healed.

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