Post 717 I don’t get it!!!

2010 Nov 08 Monday, 3:00 pm On Friday Post 715 House for sale Marian had moved my car and I had words with her. Today, around 10:00 am I had just gotten my second cup of coffee and was working on my computer when I heard the doorbell ring. A moment later I heard Marian answer the door and then heard muffled voices and heard people coming in and going out of the house. A few minutes later I happened to look out the window and saw a man planting a for sale sign in the middle of the front lawn. I noticed that my car wasn’t in the driveway, but that it was parked on the street. I went upstairs to talk to Marian but was outside in the back yard with Melisa, the realtor.

A few moments later, I heard the door open and then heard footsteps upstairs, and the sound of furniture being moved around. I happened to be coming out of the bathroom when I saw the photographer coming down the stairs, camera and tripod in hand. He said hii, and then started setting up his equipment to take pictures of the laundry room. I assumed he would be making his way to my bedroom, so I went into my room and organized a few things.

A few minutes later, Marian came downstairs to see what the photographer was doing and I asked her why she didn’t call me to move my car. She said that she didn’t move it but that Melisa, the realtor had moved it. The photographer happened to be coming out of my room when I angrily said to her, “That’s even worse, What f*ckin right does she have to move my car? We went through this on Friday when you moved it, when I was in my room, and now you pull that same shit again. What the f*ck is wrong with you?” Marian didn’t say a word but started to make her way upstairs. The photographer quietly made his way past me and into the computer room, and started setting up his equipment. I went into my room, shaking my head in disbelief.

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