Post 718 Ballroom Dance lessons

2010 Nov 12 Last night I started “American” ballroom dance lessons. It’s a short six week course and she’s teaching it as an advanced beginners class. Because I have had previous experience (albeit in the international style) she said that I would be ok.

I found it a bit confusing as the terminology is different as are some of the moves. What I found most difficult was that she would go through six rumba steps and then she had us practice them. Trying to remember what she called the steps and what was being done differently, especially with so many steps, was making my head spin, but once I got going, it wasn’t too bad.

I also find that she teaches in a, what I would call, a very loose and casual manner, compared to what I have been used to. One thing that is nice is that she teaches for an hour and then lets you practice different dances for another hour while being there to help or critique you. The bad thing is that all we are going to learn in this session is the Rumba, Foxtrot and Tango. The tango is not one of my favorites, and the foxtrot is basically simple, so that just leaves the rumba… Oh well, it’s only six weeks.

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