Post 719 The dreaded blue screen

On Friday Nov 12, my computer died the blue screen of death. I had been increasingly having problems ever since one of my programs upgraded and in the process, downloaded and installed Microsoft’s .NET framework 3.5. During the install, my computer froze up, and I had to manually shut it down. When I re-booted the system, I tried to uninstall .NET framework3.5 but was informed by a Microsoft pop-up that I could NOT uninstall it.

After that, my computer began sporadically freeze up when I was using different programs. The next thing I noticed was that it wasn’t recognizing my external hard drives. Thinking I may have picked up a virus, I ran my antivirus software, but there was nothing. Next I tried to do a system restore, but that was also not working. I also tried to do a system clean up and then a defrag, and while it would analyze my hard drive, it would freeze when doing the defrag. The next thing I had issues with was my browser, and then finally, I got the dreaded blue screen. As all this was going on, I searched the internet to see if there was a solution, but all I found was that Net Frameworks 3.5, should only be installed AFTER you have uninstalled all previous versions.. Great…… nice to learn that after the fact, as my software just ran it as if it was a normal update.. Ahhhhhh! F*cking Microsoft…

Luckily, after I got the blue screen, the safe mode still worked, and I backed up the few files that hadn’t been backed up. I then started to do a complete system install. It took me the better part of the weekend to re-install everything. I hadn’t done a “system back-up” before, but I am doing one now, as I don’t feel like spending another couple of days re-installing and fine tuning everything.

I also had some problems along the way that I didn’t have when I did other re-installs. I don’t know if this is related, but this .NET issue has also seemed to affect my hard drive in that I had problems installing a few programs. Once instance was when I opened my Atlantis word processor, I got an error message from Dragon Naturally Speaking, and the Atlantis software didn’t open. I uninstalled Atlantis, re-booted the computer and then re-installed it and it worked okay. There were also a couple of other “glitches” that I haven’t been able to fix and that is my computer doesn’t recognize my external hard drives.
They work fine if they are plugged in before boot up, but if I connect them when the computer is running, it just flashes a quick recognition, and then slows down and freezes. Although it’s annoying, I can work around this inconvenience, but it’s still a PITA (Pain In The Ass) An acronym I made up several years ago. It’s also no use installing the back-up as it will just have the same problem.

Hummm.. As I’m writing this for my blog I’m thinking if my previous .NET framework versions were compromised with the install of NET 3.5. I’m hesitant in downloading the latest version as I don’t want to go through all this again… I just checked the internet and found that there is a repair function in the Add/Remove Programs of Net Framework 2. I did the repair and my computer is now responding differently, with less or shorter hesitations. Later, I had to use my External Hard drives, and when I plugged them into my USB ports, they worked!!! Yahooo!

Sorry, but I can upload any Pictures as I'm getting the message "Access Denied". I'll try to find out what's going on as Opera has recently updated this blog interface and that might be the problem

So I have found that the pictures are uploading to my Opera Files, but I have to hand code them to make them show up on my blog… Inconvenient, but at least they are there to see. LOL which is also a PITA..

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